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SERVICESConventional Flat Lapping

Conventional Flat Lapping

Conventional flat lapping is a classic surface finishing process used in the very high precision applications.


The process uses free abrasive slurry to slowly and steadily finish components as they move between horizontal rotating plates.


A variety of free abrasive materials can be used to reach the precise tolerances.



Lap Tech Industries has a wide range of conventional flat lapping equipment to provide the high precision finishing for parts of all sizes and shapes. Our conventional flat lapping equipment ranges from smaller 15" bench top units up to 48" free standing units.

Conventional Flat Lapping

Surface Finish
High Speed Lapping
(Conventional Flat Lapping)
0.0005 micron
0.0005 micron
0.0005 micron
0.05 micro-inches

Listed tolerances are approximate. Actual tolerances are dependent on part size and shape.

Ideal for all types of components
Conventional flat lapping is ideal for all types of metals, ceramics, plastics, glass, carbon, hard anodized surfaces and other materials. Components of most sizes and shapes can be quickly and easily processed, including rings, seals, heat sinks, gears, bearings, rollers, slitter knives, cutting tools and others. These components are used in a variety of devices including precision pistons, automotive sensors, valves, gear pumps, rotary pumps, faucets, computers, telecommunication devices, and virtually any product with a sealing surface.


Features and Advantages

  • Low Stress and Heat
    Conventional flat lapping generates less heat and mechanical stress than other finishing processes. This is ideal for parts that are very thin and stress- and heat-sensitive materials.

  • Outstanding Surface Finish
    Conventional flat lapping not only forms the flatness, parallelism and thickness of parts, but also provides an extremely smooth surface finish.

  • Single- and Double-Sided Finishing
    Conventional flat lapping can provide either single- or double-sided finishing depending on the part specifications.

Carbide Components
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