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MATERIALSStandard Metals

Precision Finishing for Standard Metals

hardened steel jpgMetal is one of the most widely-used materials for components. It is used extensively in a variety of parts for the automotive, fluid control, electronics, medical, stamping and other industries.


The metals used in components can include steel, bronze, aluminum, copper, and others. Each type of metal typical comes in a number of different forms. For example, steel includes soft “mild” steel, hardened tool steel, carbide, and stainless steel. Each variety of metal has its own unique characteristics including hardness, malleability, weight, conductivity, magnetism, etc.

Lap Tech not only understands the unique properties of each metal, but more importantly the specific finishing processes needed to achieve the required specifications. Our experts can determine whether to use a fixed abrasive process such as grinding or fine grinding / flat honing, or loose abrasive process such as traditional lapping. We can also identify the ideal abrasive media, appropriate lubricating oils, and the proper cleaning processes. This expertise is built on many years of finishing experience with metal parts.

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