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The reliability of automobile power steering systems is dependent in large part on small, but critical components. Such components must not only be extremely flat, but also have precisely parallel top and bottom surfaces. Even small variations or defects can lead to a failure of the entire system.


One of the largest power steering system suppliers in the world faced a severe problem when a finishing company was consistently unable to produce parts to the required tolerance. In fact, the problems became so frequent and expensive that the finishing company went out of business.

Lap Tech Industries was asked to step in and solve the problem. Lap Tech evaluated the requirements for the steel parts and determined that fine grinding / flat honing combined with brush deburring could not only provide the needed quality, but also higher throughput.

The new process was and unqualified success. Lap Tech was able to finish every part within a much tighter tolerance than the specified 2.0 CPK tolerance. The customer is now highly satisfied and confident that the component parts will meet the demanding requirements of a modern power steering system.

If you have problems with a high tolerance part, let Lap Tech provide the solution!




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