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The transportation industry faces strict control on diesel particulate emissions. By 2010, new diesel vehicles will have to meet a near-zero particulate standard that is among the toughest in the world. These strict regulations are a key reason for the growing use of diesel fuel injectors.


A leading producer of heavy equipment and a major supplier of diesel motors produced the critical valve seat and plate components in house. The company's grinding method was only able to process a single part at a time, yielding only 150 parts per hour.


The company turned to Lap Tech Industries to find a more efficient finishing method for the components. Lap Tech carefully reviewed the specifications and determined that batch procession of the steel components was possible, using a combination of fine grinding / flat honing and brush deburring.


The increased efficiency exceeded all expectations. Lap Tech was able to finish 1,500 parts per hour – an 800% improvement!

These components operate under extreme pressure up to several thousand PSA. The parts therefore have sub-micron specifications for flatness, parallelism and thickness, as well as a zero-burr requirement for holes as small as 1 mm. Lap Tech's finishing process met and even exceeded all of these requirements.


Lap Tech is a trusted supplier to the most demanding transportation equipment manufacturers. Let us find a way to lower the cost and improve the quality of your vehicle components.



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