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INDUSTRIES SERVEDElectronics Industry Finishing Services

Electronics Industry Finishing Services


The electronics industry is challenged to increase the performance of its devices while steadily lowering their cost. Engineers meet this challenge through constant innovation.

Lap Tech Industries is an ideal partner helping electronics firms implement these cost-lowering innovations.

Our precision finishing solutions, including grinding, fine grinding / flat honing, conventional flat lapping, polishing, and deburring are ideal for electronics components such as:

  • Heat Sinks
  • Magnet Cores
  • Ferrite Components
  • Silicon/Germanium Disks
  • Others

Our technical staff works closely with engineers to quickly turn new design concepts into reality.

Precision Finishing for Electronics

Success Story

CLICK HERE to learn how Lap Tech Industries partnered with a leading supplier of components for ink jet cartridges.

So whether your part is ceramic, metal, powder metal, plastic, glass or other material, call us today to see how we can help you meet the challenge of high precision, low cost electronic components.

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