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The high cost of gasoline has made fuel-efficiency a top priority for automakers and consumers alike. Variable valve timing (VVT) is an exciting technology that can improve automobile fuel efficiency by up to 8%. While only about 10% of all new cars in the United States currently have VVT technology, it is projected that this could grow to 80% or more in less than five years.


VVT technology is built with high precision steel components. The VVT components for Aisin's U.S. facility were originally produced in Japan, where they were finished in a single grinding process. Unfortunately, the steel parts experienced severe rusting problems during shipment to the United States and needed to be 100% visually inspected.

In order to solve the problem, Aisin turned to A.J. Rose, a leading metal stamping company in the United States. A. J. Rose in turn chose Lap Tech Industries to develop a high-precision finishing solution for these stamped metal parts. Lap Tech Industries not only had the expertise and equipment, but also had a solid track record as a reliable partner to the metal stamping industry.

The part specification not only called for tight tolerances for flatness (SPEC) and surface finish (SPEC), but also needed to be finished in the most cost-competitive manner possible. Lap Tech engineers determined that a multi-stage finishing approach would be needed.

The process begins with double disk grinding, followed by fine grinding / flat honing, and then finished with brush deburring.

The results are impressive. The plant's ISO2001-9000 certified quality process ensures that parts now meet or exceed all specified tolerances. In addition, the efficiency of the finishing process ensured that the parts were highly cost-competitive. The close proximity of Lap Tech's plant to Aisin Automotive's facility enabled a JIT delivery. This program, along with the use of surface treatment solutions, ensured that the parts arrived 100% rust-free, without need for any further quality inspection.

Lap Tech can deliver the high quality and low cost demanded by the global automotive market. Our close partnerships with metal stamping companies enable us to deliver complete solutions to customers.

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