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Ink jet printers can be found in nearly every home and office. These devices, which revolutionized, desktop printing, rely on disposable cartridges to dispense ink in a highly-controlled manner. These cartridges generate a significant amount of heat which must be dissipated in order to ensure problem-free operations.

Lap Tech Industries was approached by the leading international supplier of heat sinks for ink jet cartridges. This company needed a supplier that could produce large quantities of heat sinks, but still maintain sub-micron tolerances for parallelism, flatness and thickness.

The challenge was especially difficult because the heat sinks are made of ceramic, but are very thin. This made the parts prone to micro-fractures or even breaking if the finishing process produced too much stress.

Lap Tech engineers used their decades of finishing experience to develop a process which combined fine grinding / flat honing to achieve and exceed all key tolerances. Custom part carriers were constructed to ensure that each components was held firmly in place throughout the process, providing the stability needed to avoid stress on the parts. In addition, the proper oils where selected to lubricate the parts during the finishing process, while minimizing absorption by the ceramic's porous surface.

Lap Tech now enjoys a preferred position with the customer and makes nearly 4 million heat sinks per year.

Do you have demanding, high-volume finishing requirements for your electronics application? Call Lap Tech and let us deliver the right solution at the right price.

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